SustainChain™ is a free public service platform created by the US Coalition on Sustainability that gathers and incubates impact action efforts across a global network of stakeholders to drive rapid progress on the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). INTEGRATE 21 is an event designed to educate CFO’s, Finance and IR Professionals on how to adopt, execute & operationalize ESG strategy to inform internal decisioning, mitigate enterprise risk and facilitate external integrated reporting. INTEGRATE is committed to SDG 17 and uses the SustainChain Platform to track partnerships and collaborations developed at the conferences.

How it Works: SustainChain uses systems-based technology to load attendee profiles and SDG initiatives onto a platform to make them into a visible web of collective action so that attendees can see all of the different initiatives that are being worked on and join the efforts that align to the SDG they are most passionate about. Attendees can also share their own sustainability initiaitves to engage others to join them. This platform synthesizes all of the sustainability efforts into one place to easily see the work being done and enables connections to drive progress on the SDG’s. Imagine a massive knowledge ecosystem for sustainability efforts with the ease to join, collaborate and scale progress on the SDG’s.

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rCFO Podcast: Karen Parkhill

Karen Parkhill is Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Medtronic. She serves on the company's Executive Committee and is responsible for leading the Medtronic global finance organization. Karen also serves as the Executive Sponsor of the Medtronic PRIDE Employee Resource Group and Women’s Network “Commit to Connect” leadership program, which supports senior women leadership development at Medtronic.

rCFO Podcast: Best Practices in Corporate Governance in an ESG Framework - Paul Herman the Founder and CEO of HIP Investor

R. Paul Herman is a globally recognized leader in investing to pursue positive impact and profit. HIP’s Ratings have helped drive the Newsweek Green Rankings and the Peter Drucker Index. HIP’s Strategies focus on “great places to work,” sustainable real estate, global dividends, and sustainability leaders.


rCFO Podcast: Best Practices for Internal Decision Making in an ESG Framework

Scott Broomfield is the Managing Director of Epic Fund and Executive Chairperson of Sustainable Life Media.

Jake Walko is the director of ESG investing & global investment stewardship at Thornburg Investment Management, furthering the adoption of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations across Thornburg’s full product suite. His team manages $50B in public market investment.


Mark Kaye Keynote - NM '18.

Mark Kaye, CFO of Moody’s delivers a talk on transforming financial decision-making, leadership in sustainable value creation, reporting and investor relations from the points of view of CFOs, corporate finance and accounting teams as well as the financial services industry. Mark will address leadership on 3 distinct levels.

Leading the Journey toward Integrated Multi Capital Business Leadership and Stakeholder Capitalism.

In this keynote, Harmit Singh shares a CFO account of the ambition, progress to date and practical realities of Levi Strauss & Co’s journey toward multicapital decision-making, innovation and stakeholder engagement.


Stakeholder Governance in Action: One Journey Putting together the Pieces of Integrated Leadership.

From ambitious science-based climate targets, to brand activism advocating for a price on carbon, to cutting-edge supplier transparency and engagement, Mars Inc. has in many ways been on a journey toward leadership consistent with the principles of stakeholder capitalism. This keynote address will share the CFO perspective and role in building momentum for integrated multicapital leadership.

The UN Global Compact announces the CFO Taskforce for the SDGs

As the stewards of trillions of dollars, CFOs have a critical role to play in ensuring that companies’ financial activities are aligned to the SDGs. The UN Global Compact thinks accelerating this transition is key to advancing the financing of sustainability issues.


Why Your CFO Should Care About Sustainability and How Regenerative Finance Drives Returns

Watch Part 2 of Jefferies Sustainability & ESG Trends Webinar Series: Why Your CFO Should Care About Sustainability and How Regenerative Finance Drives Returns

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